The Loring: Our Newest Addition

In our continued quest to provide you with the best coffee ever, while being responsible to the sustainability of resources and our environment, we have upgraded our roaster to the Loring.  The investment for us was a no brainer.  We want to continue to improve our coffee roaster and preparation for you to enjoy the highest quality coffee, but we also want to continue shrinking our footprint on our luscious island of Maui.  High quality and preservation are top on our list.

This gorgeous piece of machinery is already in place at the roastery.  The Loring has a superior ability to extract the exact flavor we want from the beans we roast through a patented methods.  In techy terms. the Loring has something called a closed-loop roasting environment that not only produces a cleaner, brighter cup of coffee, but it eliminates the cast off smoke and odor from the process, thus being kinder to the environment.

The Loring Roaster reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80%.  Now that’s something we can get behind!

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