Product Spotlight: The Might Leaf. We’re Not Just About Coffee


We know… it’s hard to believe because coffee is EVERYTHING for us.  But on occasion, we understand that there are moments when tea is the drink to have.  For this reason, we have chosen the best tea brand out there to offer to all of you.

The Mighty Leaf tea is a tea company that sets the kind of standards we respect and gladly endorse.  Their commitment to handcrafted tea is unparalleled and translates into a great tasting blend of teas every single time you brew a cup.

According to the company bio, they:

Handpicked whole leaves, blossoms, herbs, fruit and spices
Hand chosen to satisfy the discerning palate
Handcrafted artistry of small batch whole leaf blending
Handcrafted, hand-stitched silken Tea Pouches
Hand of the artist thatcreates Mighty Leaf style

For more on their art of blending, we urge you to go here for more information.

And when you want to order your tea?  Come to our store. We’ll give you a very well made cup of tea.

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