June Coffee Facts by Maui Coffee Roasters

Coffee is an industry, a culture and in many ways it’s own world.  There are countless details that make up the history and the craft of coffee making and as you can imagine, it fascinates us to no end.  That’s why, monthly, we’ll be sharing facts, secrets and little known details with you about the world of coffee.  If you enjoy them, or have secrets and facts of your own, please share it with us!  We’d love to hear from you.

1.  “Pulling An Espresso”  Is a term that came from  the first coffee machines, which had a pump handle.  The handle had to be pulled in order to pump the water through the coffee.

2.  The length of time it takes to pull water through coffee to make an espresso matters!  A perfect espresso should take between 23 and 28 seconds.

3.  It is ALWAYS better to grind your coffee beans fresh before making your cup.

4.  A short espresso pull (shorter time) is called a Ristretto, normal pulling time is called a Normale and a longer pull is called a Lungo.

5.  There is a World Barista Championship that takes place every year in.

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