Pitaya Raw Smoothies

Eating raw is oBlog-post-4-8-14ne of the healthiest ways to give our bodies the nutrients it needs. Knowing this we’ve added 100% raw Pitaya Plus smoothies to our Cafe menu. Enjoy this smoothie for a yummy morning breakfast, a healthy and filling lunch, or a refreshing afternoon snack.

Pitaya or Dragon Fruit is the fruit of several cactus species. Originally native to Mexico it was transplanted to Central America and other parts of the world. Early missionaries introduced it to Asia where it became commonly known as Dragon Fruit.

Similar to Kiwifruit, Pitaya has black crunchy seeds under thick red skin. The seeds are eaten with the dark magenta flesh and are rich with lipids. If you’ve never tasted Pitaya imagine a mild earthy sweetness similar to a strawberry-raspberry taste.

There are many health benefits making this a distinctive superfruit not only because it is high in fiber which helps lower cholesterol and blood glucose levels, but also because it is loaded with antioxidants, Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium and Omega-3s.

Come try a Pitaya Raw Smoothie on your next visit to Maui Coffee Roasters!

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  1. Jasper Sara says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Pitaya (Dragonfruit) Smoothie!!!!! I even have a shirt that matches it’s color! LOL it’s true